Flow of game Chapter 1


Main Story:
Cult plans to create workers for the mines to do a dig on an older Indian reservation. They need manpower! To do this they use a technique to graft a part of a dark young into the base of the spine of a person. This slowly possesses the person to be under control of a “mother Dark Young”. Which is delivered via apple orchard located near the mine.

The bad guys plan to use the mine to dig for silver arrow heads. They need 7 arrow silver arrow heads to enact a ritual to open the Chenoo. A pit which leads to twin well for Nug and Yeb.

It follows the old tale The Girl-Chenoo (http://www.native-languages.org/mikmaqstory.htm) but with a twist. The girl was a witch and cannibal and immortal. She had created a great pit which only she knew how to open. The shamen of the Chinook had created 7 magical arrows which pulled her soul into the arrows thus killing her. The bad guys need to gather 7 of these arrows and resurrect her into a new body.

She will then open the gate to let the twin blasphemies into this world ushering in a new era of doom and gloom.

Chapter 1 Madness under the Asylum….

Ernest Woollcott was an aspiring doctor and surgeon who showed much promise. But after a few years practicing he lost the interest after not being able to save his mother’s life. He took it hard and decided to switch to a simpler profession. He bought a dinner in Salem Oregon.

There he met a young half American Indian French woman named Kiona Mono. She worked in Ernest’s dinner and the two fell in love. One day she had vanished and he spent a good amount of time searching for her.

Flow of game Chapter 1

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